4 miles plus strides today. 37:53, 9:23 pace. i felt really good. will probably take tomorrow off, since i’m working all day, but i might try to lift at night. 

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i ran about 2 miles today at a 9:52 pace and then did 6 strides. i was thinking of running a race tomorrow but its supposed to run in the morning (which is the best temperature wise) and then there is a chance for scattered thunderstorms all day, so i might wimp out. i’d be really slow anyway so i might be able to find a race later in the summer that i’d not be embarrassed to run.

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i took yesterday off since I was sore. then i got a headache. i still had a headache this morning, but thought that running might help. sometimes it works. i ran a very slow 3.9 miles at a 10:21 pace. disappointed with the time, but i’m glad that i actually  made myself get out there and push through it. Its definitely a confidence booster to make it through a run when i’m feeling so bad and hopefully i’ll be able to do it in the future. 

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lifted for the first time in a long time while i waited for the cable guy. felt really good and i’m going to try to keep doing this, especially when its too hot or i wake up too late to run. then ran two miles at a 9:00 pace. 

looking for some halfs to run in november. if not i’ll wait until feb or march or wait until april and do the oleksak again.

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ran today. 3 miles at 9:58 pace. not where i want to be but i felt like i was at a comfortable pace. i had on new shoes, shirt, and shorts, which always feels good. i’m trying to tell myself that i just need to work on distance for now and i’ll start adding speed workouts soon. i’m not trying to win any 5ks. i’m trying to get in shape to do a half.

i also realized that i weigh less than i thought i did (but i also have suspicions that our scale is a little wonky). so i need to be more conscious about getting more calories, especially since i’m running more. and make sure that i’m taking breaks at work when i have the chance so that i’m not eating while i’m working because that makes it a lot harder. also, more high calorie (but hopefully healthy) snacks.


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i’m going to start keeping a training log here and hopefully, it will help keep me accountable to running. I know you all care whether or not i run or get back in shape, so i figure if i think you are reading this and get disappointed in me for not running then i’ll do it to keep y’all happy.


Thanks snow, for ruining all plans I had to keep running. Maybe I can make it to the gym, and can force myself to treadmill for more than a mile.


running again feels good. getting in shape to start training for another half!

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